Monday, January 28, 2008

Overdue Update

After being chastised electronically by one Lucy Henderly, I decided to give my blog a much needed update, so here goes. I am still working at Briarwood Presbyterian Church in the missions office; our conference is coming up in Feb., so I am super busy, but apparently not too busy to update this blog. I have been dating the same guy for the past 14 months, Pete Fox, another Briarwood member from Chattanooga. I have moved twice since my last blog, but both locations have still been in Birmingham. I now live in Homewood, and as long as I live in Birmingham, Homewood is where I will be. I live with my best friend and long lost sister Hope Gresham, our artist friend Susan Dennis who we call Swan, and Rebecca Rosato, the Italian Stallion we refer to as Rebs. All in our mid-twenties, looking for our place in this world, our place in this world.
Ok enough of that; what else. I teach spin and Body Pump at Gold's Gym in Vestavia, and I am trying to gear up to do some more triathlons, half marathons, and duathlons this year. I am also attempting to slowly learn how to cook.
My spiritual journey with Christ has experienced a rather dry season, but I am hopeful that refreshment is on the way.
My greatest joys right now are working with my sister Holly Rollins (she is an admin assistant in the missions office), and getting to see my Gerber baby niece Gracie every day.
Ok that's all I have time for right now; Kimmie Parker Dobson, former college/post college roommate, long-time best friends, and overall confidant, will be giving birth to a beautiful baby girl in May, and we are having a shower for her on Feb. 16, so can't wait for that.
I henceforth and for with endeavor to update this blog weekly.
But we shall see.
All for now.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

RWR (Rights for Women in Restrooms) spokesperson speaks out on behalf of women everywhere...

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